CBGHColorado Business Group on Health (est. 1995)
CBGHCauseway Bay Guest House (Hong Kong)
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Through the efforts of the Colorado Business Group on Health, CBGH employer members and health plans are participating in BTE, a program of the Health Care Incentives Improvement Institute, and pay Recognized physicians an additional bonus for attaining recognition status.
About the Colorado Business Group on Health CBGH is a non-profit coalition representing large purchasers of health care services and more than 300,000 covered lives in Colorado.
Some people say the cup is half empty and some people say the cup is half full," said Donna Marshall, CBGH executive director.
Information also is available on the CBGH Web site, www.
Since 1996, CBGH has worked on initiatives designed to restructure health care delivery and improve quality.
In addition, CBGH recognizes hospital participation and performance achievements throughout Colorado and works with hospitals on implementing the four leaps within their facilities.
Since 1996, the CBGH together with Colorado health plans and purchasers, have been working on the "big picture" of health care quality.
The CBGH develops and implements projects on a community and state-wide basis.
The Colorado Type 2 Diabetes Report for 2008 helps CBGH fulfill its mission of helping local employers play an active and enthusiastic role in promoting cost-effective delivery of quality health care to the benefit of the community.
NOTE TO EDITORS: For further information about the CBGH "Chicago Health Plan Value Project," call contacts below.