CBHECoordinating Board for Higher Education
CBHECompressed Bundle Header Encoding
CBHEChronology of British Hydrological Events (UK)
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Higher mean salivary MS count were observed in the CBHE compared with the CHX mouthrinse group at all the time intervals.
And will collect them on all the subsequent days when the inevitable committees produce their undecipherable reports on AQIP for the DHE and CBHE and NCACC.
040, RSMo (see Appendix A) specifically details what information the CBHE should include in its annual report.
The CBHE in turn is responsible for coordinating this plan and ensuring its successful implementation throughout the system, which serves nearly 400,000 students through 13 public four-year colleges and universities, 19 public two-year colleges, one public two-year technical college, 25 independent colleges and universities, and 140 proprietary and private career schools.