CBHOCommunity Behavioral Health Organization
CBHOCumulative Bibliography on the History of Oceanography
CBHOCommunity Based Housing Organisation (UK)
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Let's take a look at one of these tools (figure 2), and how a simple costing worksheet like this can answer the three most common questions we hear from CBHO staff.
In our work with hundreds of community behavioral health organizations (CBHOs) over the past 12 years, my colleagues and I have found that, if allowed, CBHOs choose not to focus on costs as part of their decision-making process.
Because CBHOs can be reimbursed only for direct-service time with clients, we must focus on our costs as they relate to direct-service time.
CBHOs are the central recommendation to come from the commission which was appointed by the city council following the collapse of a plan to transfer 80,000 Birmingham council houses and flats to a network of independent trusts.
She also denied that pilot areas for the first CBHOs have been chosen.
The commission believes CBHOs will be able to generate extra revenue by delivering a more efficient service.