CBIDCentral Brain Identifier
CBIDCentral Brooklyn Independent Democrats (Brooklyn, NY)
CBIDCenter for Biologically Inspired Design (Georgia Institute of Technology)
CBIDColfax Business Improvement District (Colorado)
CBIDCigarBid.com (online auction website)
CBIDColumbia Basin Irrigation District (Washington)
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Youseph Yazdi, the Executive Director of CBID in the Department of Biomedical Engineering at the Johns Hopkins Whiting School of Engineering.
Youseph Yazdi, Executive Director of CBID and professor in the Johns Hopkins University Department of Biomedical Engineering, agrees.
The funding from USAID will support moving our concepts into fully functional prototypes," said Youseph Yazdi, executive director of CBID.
Perimeter's wholly-owned business interests include: IA Sciences, CBID Markets Inc.
Customers can simultaneously request a firm bid or offer from up to four of CBID Markets' participating dealers and immediately trade on the results of the competitive auction.
CBID Markets acts as central counterparty for both anonymous and disclosed trades (RFQ) to deliver a consistent environment for settlement and clearing regardless of the customer's chosen execution method.
Laurence Rose, President and Chief Executive Officer of CBID Markets and CollectiveBid said, "The launch of ixTrader(TM) Version 5.
Technologies from CBID have resulted in several patents, grants, awards and student-driven startups.
Because transparent fixed income aggregated quotes are currently only available to institutional clients on the CanDeal and CBID platforms, the ability to trade these instruments on an open venue will create much greater transparency for all within the Canadian marketplace as well as globally.
These are integrated in a solution that includes Audible Magic's advanced CBID technologies for accurately identifying and tracking music or speech from digital sources such as files and Internet streams, as well as analog sources such as terrestrial radio and TV broadcasts, without the use of watermarks.
Audible Magic's CBID technologies monitor digital music usage and performances, comparing such activity against the reference database to accurately identify each song to a master recording, copyright owner and artist.