CBIECanadian Bureau for International Education (Ottawa, ON)
CBIEContinuing Biomedical Imaging Education (University of Malaya Medical Centre; Malaysia)
CBIEClinical and Bioinformatic Engineering (Japan)
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ISAs who do not meet the three-year experience requirement will be required to complete a forthcoming training programme to be introduced by CBIE in early 2016.
Inasmuch as these goals had already been embraced by both CIDA and CBIE, the stage was set for a fuller elaboration of the project design.
The bulk of the work in that respect fell on ICPS's shoulders, with CBIE and the Canadian university team in very much a responsive role.
CBIE took its cue from both Krawchenko and ICPS, who stressed that the key to realizing the big objectives that the Ukrainians had put on the table was to take small, concrete steps.
As to the work of the policy units, proposals came to CBIE from both the Cabinet Secretariat and the Ministry of Economy via ICPS within a week of the Lysytskyi meeting.
Based on these considerations, a curriculum with nine different components and fifteen separate modules or seminar topics was quickly developed and approved by CBIE and ICPS.
CBIE seeks to attract foreign students for study in the Canadian higher education institutions and on the other hand, sending Canadian students to study abroad.
On her turn, the Canadian official defined the CBIE and its major international activities and projects.
The CBIE attaches attention to scientific research with support of the Canadian government by coordinating cooperation between the higher education institutions and Canadian institutions to activate student and academic exchange between them.
o new technologY BT CEO Ben Verwaayen, chairman of CBIEs climate change task force, says businesses must invest to cut CO2