CBIGCentre of Biomedical Integrative Genoproteomics (University of Liège, Beligium)
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Hadoop: OpenBl, Altoros, Maestro Technologies, Business Data Miners, CBIG Consulting, WinterCorp, Datascope Analytics, Radoop and Engineroom.
148) The author was a participant in the interagency working group that produced the first collection of CBIG standard operating procedures.
CBIG IPSec, which Cyber Digital has already deployed to connect its offices in New York and Massachusetts, is a standalone unit which can easily be inserted between the interface of any local area network and the Internet.
CBIG IPSec provides a cost- effective way of creating an enterprise-wide virtual private network (VPN) by enabling secure use of the Internet, based on its proprietary technology that is compatible with any provider's standards-based IP backbone, including AT&T's rock solid IP backbone.
The CBIG IPSec product is available from Cyber Digital, Inc.
CBIG is an Internet router with integrated e-mail server and advanced data security or firewall technology.
Our earlier strategic decision to fully commit to LINUX Operating Systems based Internet products such as CBIG and CIAN have proven to be a big success.