CBIPCentre Belge d'Information Pharmacothérapeutique (French: Belgian Center for Pharmacotherapeutic Information; Belgium)
CBIPCertified Business Intelligence Professional (The Data Warehousing Institute)
CBIPCommercial Building Incentive Program (natural resources, Canada)
CBIPCentral Board of Irrigation and Power (India)
CBIPCompagnie de Banques Internationales de Paris (French: Company of International Banks in Paris; Paris, France)
CBIPConservation Biology in Practice (journal)
CBIPCross-Border Internet Pharmacy
CBIPCertified Batterer Intervention Program (domestic violence education)
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The incentive program was born out of the Kyoto Protocol discussions, and since the program was launched in 1998, 198 buildings across Canada have been approved under CBIP as of late July, projects that are either occupied or under construction.
And the program is gaining momentum with 1,196 further expressions of interest waiting in the wings, says Michel Lamanque, account manager with the CBIP program.
As both CBIP and the Enterprise Foundation have made clear, community building, grass-roots organizing, leadership development,and resident-led activities are central to the transformation process.
CBIP will distinguish Baseline as a leader among BI service providers.
For our consultants, CBIP is an industry acknowledgement of their many years of dedication and hard work in showing our clients how to protect and leverage their corporate data asset," says Evan Levy, Baseline Co-Founder and Partner.
The founders and senior executives of CBIP include: Gary L.
We have spent the last two years assembling this group of companies under the CBIP Management banner.
Pandya, President, CBIP and Chairman, Central Water Commission; Shri Major Singh, Chairperson, Central Electricity Authority; and Dr.
According to CBIP, on 4 December, its unit Modipalm Engineering Sdn Bhd received the letter of award (LoA) for the project from PT Ischtiar Gusti, as per which, it will have to supply the palm oil mill at Kabupaten Landak, Kecamatan Ngabang, Kalimantan Barat, Indonesia.
CBIP comprising of designs,drawings, estimates for construction of balancing/storage