CBIRFchemical-biological incident response force (US DoD)
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Following the EXEVAL, the opportunity to work with CCMRF and the integrated operations of FEMA, CBIRF, and JTF 781 as part of Operation Integration has underscored the importance of collective capabilities and the mantra of "One Team--One Fight.
Neither state nor Federal assets, with the exception of CBIRF, are currently prepared to assist.
CBIRF offers a robust, immediate asset within the national capital region, but elsewhere its response is slowed by the time-distance problem.
CBIRF officers told National Defense that they are the only unit capable of extracting victims from disaster scenes and providing immediate medical care in a contaminated area.
This begs a question: Is one East Coast-based CBIRF team enough?
Moreover, developing and pre-positioning teams in selected locales would offer a layered response (no mid-sized WMD consequence management assets exist between state and local HAZMAT units and strategic CBIRF assets).
CBIRF works closely with the first responder community to look for mutual solutions to problems since they are working toward the same goals, he said.
Organized in 1996 by order of the Commandant, CBIRF was created to provide the Marine Corps with a superior response to counter the growing threat of biological-chemical terrorism.
Eberhardt, has asked the Guard to develop larger units "roughly analogous to the Marines' CBIRF (Chemical Biological Incident Response Force)," Blum said.
The CBIRF, additionally, has its own science and technology shop, to discern what technologies are available in the industry.
Based on intelligence estimates, TEU, CBIRF, WMD CSTs or similar assets could collocate with local responders at high-profile events that may attract terrorists.