CBMCChristian Businessmen's Connection (est. 1930; various locations)
CBMCConfédération des Brasseurs du Marché Commun (French: Confederation of Common Market Brewers)
CBMCChildren's Book of the Month Club (online book sales)
CBMCCommunity Bank of Marion County (Florida)
CBMCCommunications Battlespace Management Course (US Air Force)
CBMCComputer-Based Management Communications
CBMCColorado Brick Marketing Council (Rocky Mountain Masonry Institute)
CBMCCondition-Based Maintenance Consortium (University of Toronto)
CBMCCircumstances beyond My Control
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Fish oil supplementation has been associated with lower CBMC cytokine responses to in vitro stimulation in one study (Dunstan 2003).
CBMC studies need to be interpreted cautiously, and evidence for in utero priming remains dubious.
In vitro secretion of cytokines by CBMCs after mitogenic stimulation was lower in the subsistence fishing group than in the reference group (p < 0.
CBMCs were incubated in triplicate at a concentration of 2 x [10.
Levels of cytokines spontaneously released by CBMCs in vitro were similar in both groups (Figure 2).
Levels of IL-10 secreted by PHA-stimulated CBMCs did nor exceed those spontaneously released for seven neonates from the subsistence fishing group and four neonates from the reference group (16% vs.
In this study we investigated whether or not the in vitro activation of CBMCs was altered in neonates from a subsistence fishing group who received an unusually high transplacental exposure to food-chain contaminants such as OCs and methyl mercury.
Cultured CBMCs from most neonates in our study spontaneously secreted detectable amounts of TNF-[alpha] but none exhibited signs of infection.
Tenders are invited for Providing the Services of Computer Operators in the O/o Superintending Engineer, CBMC M-32, Opp.