CBMNCytokinesis-Block Micronucleus (biomonitoring)
CBMNCape Breton Museums Network (Canada)
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Given that the comet assay has a lot of advantages compared to the CBMN assay, progress in the standardization of this assay would probably allow studies to detect correlations with health risks, similar to those already found for micronuclei.
In conformity with the data from the CBMN and the comet assay, analysis of 8-oxodG levels shows an increase in dialysis patients.
Diferentes autores describen que los resultados obtenidos por el ensayo de MN (ensayo de CBMN y Cometa) se contradicen con los obtenidos mediante el ensayo de SCE (24).
The CBMN assay is a well-validated reference biomarker for early genetic effects, and the present study is, to the best of our knowledge, the first to analyze MN frequencies in peripheral and umbilical cord blood from mothers and newborns using a semi automated image analysis system.