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CBNChristian Broadcasting Network
CBNCentral Bank of Nigeria
CBNCubic Boron Nitride (James Bond site)
CBNCommon Bonding Network
CBNCenter for Behavioral Neuroscience (Emory University, Atlanta, Georgia, USA)
CBNConservatoire Botanique National (French: National Botanical Conservatory; various locations)
CBNCosta Blanca Nachrichten (German Language Newspaper; Costa Blanca, Spain)
CBNColor By Numbers
CBNChronicle Broadcasting Network (Philippines)
CBNCentral Brasileira de Notícias (Brazilian News Central, radio station)
CBNCommunity Bicycle Network (Canada; est. 1993)
CBNCalcul des Besoins Nets (French: Calculation of Net Requirements)
CBNChemical, Biological or Nuclear
CBNConception Bay North (Newfoundland)
CBNCertified Bariatric Nurse
CbNCallback Number
CBNColliding Beam Notes
CBNCanadian Bank Note Company Ltd
CBNCountry Background Notes
CBNCzar Broadcasting Network (website)
CBNCancer Biotherapeutics Newsletter
CBNCorrelated Bivariate Normal
CBNCollected by Nurse
CBNChargeback Number
CBNCannabinole (psychoactive compound in Cannabis)
CBNClub Badminton Nice (Nice, France)
CBNCarrières et Ballastières de Normandie (French: Quarries and Gravel Pits of Normandy; Normandy, France)
CBNColorado by the Numbers (online statistical abstract)
CBNCombobox Notification (windows programming)
CBNCarolina Business Network (South Carolina)
CBNCéline Bouzon Natale (French consulting firm; Roquevaire, France)
CBNConfection Boischaut Nord (French: North Boischaut Manufacturing; Écueillé, France)
CBNChina Business News
CBNChina Blogger Network
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One important thing is to fix the banks and the CBN is doing that very well, I must admit, we will encourage the banks to invest more in SMEs, power, health, agribusiness and infrastructure.
The intent of the CBN is to make a strong core broadcast buy for the cattle industry that covers a large geography and strong cattle numbers.
The conventional CBN sintered compacts generally measure 5 mm in thickness.
For quantification, the peak-area ratio for THC (m/z 299) and its internal standard (m/z 302) was determined; for CBN and CBD, the response factors were calculated against THC-[d.
CBN partner ruralnetuk developed the DirectSupport system.
He has added that the CBN has set up a large channel, comprising banks, microfinance banks and state government, to ensure easy access to funding to the MSMEs players.
Provide written juristic opinion of Islamic jurisprudence in respect of new non-interest (Islamic) financial products and instruments developed by the CBN or referred to it by the CBN or other regulatory bodies in the Nigerian financial system;
Such findings are what's prompted the CBN to launch the Plan If campaign to encourage parents to put the necessary plans in place to safeguard their children's future should they die suddenly.
Cobus Bruwer, managing director of CBN explained: "Issues relating to sustainable development such as environmental care and the management of pollution and littering is a very important concern for CBN.
Gimenez told CBN, "I believe that this rally is like the atomic bomb of peace.
Despite resources far outstripping even the wealthiest gay and lesbian political organizations, the Christian Coalition and CBN are reeling financially.