CBNGCoal Bed Natural Gas
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Marathon operates CBNG production sites throughout the Powder River Basin of Wyoming.
We are pleased to assist Marathon with its ability to move forward with CBNG production through sound water management processes, and we are looking forward to working with other CBNG developers in the Powder River Basin through our local partners at PureTech.
Given the close proximity to our current Powder River CBNG operations, we view this as a strategic fit to our asset base.
I know EnCana is highly confident in Storm Cat's CBNG technical prowess to develop Elk Valley, and we are eager to put more capital investment to bear here for our investors.
PRB" or the "Company")(AMEX:PRB) and The Termo Company ("Termo"), a privately held company based in Long Beach, California, today announced PRB's participation in Termo's Homestead Draw CBNG Project (the "Project") near Recluse, Wyoming in the Powder River Basin.
In all cases, Watergy's CBNG treatment process demonstrated its ability to meet Wyoming Department of Environmental Quality discharge standards.
This confirms that our treatment process will provide a cost effective solution for the trillions of gallons of water that will be generated from CBNG exploration in the Rocky Mountain Region and worldwide.