CBNVCommunity Bank of Northern Virginia
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Designing suitable primers for the amplification of CBNV presented unanticipated challenges.
Also, investigations on the genetic diversity of CBNV and other newly identified members of the Hantavirus genus will provide additional insights into the phylogeography and co-evolution of hantaviruses and their soricid reservoir hosts.
Pairwise nucleotide and amino acid sequence analysis of the full-length M segments of Cao Bang virus and other hantaviruses * Hantavirus CBNV HTNV SEOV SOOV DOBV PUUV PHV CBNV TC-3 -- 62.
The CBNV acquisition accounted for approximately 50% of the year-over-year loan growth.
The net interest margin decreased five (5) basis points from the second quarter of 2005 due primarily to the inclusion of the CBNV acquisition for a full quarter, the funding of $50.
The CBNV acquisition, increased incentive compensation accruals related to improved operating results, a volume-driven increase in electronic banking expenses, increased outsourcing costs and $0.
CBNV has been merged into Mercantile-Safe Deposit and Trust Company (MSD&T), a wholly owned subsidiary of Bankshares, and becomes part of Mercantile Potomac Bank, the Washington division of MSD&T.
Under terms of the merger agreement, shareholders of CBNV are entitled to receive either 0.