CBOCCommunity-Based Outpatient Clinic (Department of Veterans Affairs)
CBOCConference Board of Canada
CBOCCentral Bank of China
CBOCCouncil of Boating Organizations of Canada
CBOCClose Before Open Contact
CBOCCare Bears on Crack (band)
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Feeling threatened and fearful, Parker went to Lane County Circuit Court on May 7, 2012, and filed a restraining order against the VA employee, asking that he not be present when Parker was at CBOC for treatment.
This latter finding is not surprising, as colocation of the teleretinal imaging program and eye clinic in the same CBOC promotes the routine use of teleretinal imaging as a DR screening method.
Patients initially diagnosed with depression at a small CBOC were less likely to receive any or adequate antidepressant treatment than patients diagnosed at VA medical centers.
We are working on identifying services that can be expanded into the Wenatchee CBOC.
On a second innovative note, CBOC psychologists incorporated two additional procedures to collect information related to the personnel requirements of corrections work: the collection of critical incidents and measuring personality variables using the Personality-Related Position Requirements Form (PPRF).
The vast majority of participants attended Pain Education School at the VA medical center (77%), while 20 percent joined from a CBOC and 3 percent were unknown.
Veterans were matched according to prior utilization, VISN of residence, and distance to closest VA outpatient clinic prior to CBOC establishment.
If these CBOCs are under contract to provide services through the VHA, veterans may not recognize or report these events as VHA events.
The general analytic approach was to compare the change in the percentage of veterans who accessed VA care in counties in which a CBOC was established with the change in the percentage of veterans who accessed VA care in counties in which no CBOC was introduced.
The Espanola CBOC will serve approximately 1,200 enrolled patients, and will be located at 110 North Coronado Avenue, in Rio Arriba County.
The CBOC provincial outlook published early this year predicted above average growth in Alberta and B.