CBODCarbonaceous Biochemical Oxygen Demand
CBODChemical and Biological Oxygen Demand (waste water treatment)
CBODCorporate Board of Directors
CBODChapter Board of Directors (various organizations)
CBODConfirm Business Object Document (Oracle)
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333C - Water Pollution Control Plant Operation Optimize the WPCP tertiary processing capabilities to produce a final efflent that meets the NPDES requirements of not less than 85 percent removal of suspended solids, not less than 85 percent removal of CBOD (Carbonaceous Biochemical Oxygen Demand), seasonal limits for the conversion of NH3-N to NO3-N, a turbidity of less than 10 NTUs to effectively disinfect and to maintain pH values between the limits of 6.
com/news and click on "Press Room" to download the EPA letters; the In-Situ RDO methods for BOD, CBOD and DO; and photos.
For instance, the BOD should consider the influences of duality carefully when deciding to give the CEO the position of CBOD.