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The model consider superficial drainage, lateral and under superficial flow, and parameters associated with the water quality, sediments, CBOD (chemical biological demand of oxygen), dissolved oxygen, nutrients and pesticides, commonly used in the area.
For instance, the BOD should consider the influences of duality carefully when deciding to give the CEO the position of CBOD.
Percent of suspended solids removed - Percent of CBOD removed - Percent of time NH-N limits achieved (seasonal variation) - Percent of time turbidity requirements are met - Percent disinfection meets regulatory requirements - Percent of pH values between 6 and 9
The Man-Sci PC-Titrate system automates alkalinity while the PC-BOD automates CBOD.
Formerly, effluent CBOD (carbonaceous BOD) limits were consistently achieved at the solids retention time (SRT) of 1.
Entities holding National Pollution Discharge and Elimination System (NPDES) permits must use EPA-approved methodologies for BOD, CBOD and DO testing.