CBOLConsortium for the Barcode of Life
CBOLCollege of Business and Organizational Leadership (Concordia University; St. Paul, MN)
CBOLInternational Conference on the Barcode of Life (Barcode of Life Initiative)
CBOLClub Brancard on Line (France)
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The CBOL plant working group proposed the combination of rbcL+matK as a plant barcode; the two fragments were characterized by good primer universality and high amplification efficiency, good sequence quality and high discrimination power.
2008), CBOL Plant Working Group (2009), and Dunning & Savolainen (2010).
This model also utilizes the CBOL recommendations for distance calculations (barcoding.
CBOL uses the cytochrome c oxidase subunit 1 gene (CO1) from the mitochondrial genome because it provides 95% accuracy of identification for animals, and there are just a few groups without enough variability.
Concordia has offered business education and degrees for more than 20 years; CBOL brings together all of the professional and educational experience into a single organization to provide practical and relevant business education.
presentation of the President's "E" award for "Excellence in Exporting" -- the nation's highest award to honor American exporters -- to CBOL Corporation.
In addition to Concordia's CBOL being the second largest business college among private universities in Minnesota, the MBA program is fully accredited by the Higher Learning Commission - North Central Association.
In addition, CBOL has 28 full-time faculty members and an adjunct faculty of more than 75 business professionals with experience in education, criminal justice, law, finance, economics, management, human resources, information technology, marketing, divinity and more.
Kim, Chairman of Los Angeles-based CBOL Corporation and Michael Phillips, Chairman of Tacoma, Washington-based Russell Investment Group, will serve as the new U.
Spencer Kim is Chairman of CBOL Corporation, which specializes in the global sale of aerospace products.
SQL 2000's open interface allows developers to build front-end applications in any popular programming language or environment, including Java, Delphi, BASIC, Visual BASIC, C, C++, CBOL, Pascal, PowerBuilder and Fox Pro.