CBPRCommunity-Based Participatory Research
CBPRComputer-Based Patient Record (medical technology)
CBPRCentre for Building Performance Research (Victoria University of Wellington; New Zealand)
CBPRCommunity-Based Property Right
CBPRCapacity Building for Poverty Reduction Programme (India)
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These days a growing number of funding organizations require demonstration of CBPR as an approach for the projects they fund.
In the past few years, CBPR ranked #8 in the Top-50 Companies for all of Coldwell Banker, out of over 1,200 companies, with their Sahara, NV Office recognized as the #1 office in Coldwell Banker's Western Region.
The APEC CBPR System allows companies to extend their international businesses, as many companies are choosing APEC Certification to demonstrate their commitment to customer privacy and ensure they transfer data around the world in a safe way that is in compliance with global privacy frameworks.
Objective 1 - Technical Assistance: The value of the CBPR System to consumers, regulators and economies, increases as more economies participate.
Since CBPR researchers approach community members as partners, not subjects, one would expect that the community's engagement and retention would be maximized, as the community would be invested in the intervention and outcomes.
Over the last fifteen years, CBPR has gained increased credibility in public health because of its emphasis on the understanding of individuals' health-related experiences and the identification of workable and appropriate services (Heslop, Elsom, & Parker, 2000; Kovacs, 2000).
As one may see, the benefits of CBPR are multidimensional.
The CBPR system was developed to provide a pragmatic and flexible way for companies to demonstrate their trustworthiness and accountability for personal information.
He remained there until accepting the post of CBPR Director of Information Technology in 1996.
Since 2002, the Highmark Foundation has awarded more than $756,450 in grants to support programs and interventions which began as CBPR projects.
The National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences (NIEHS), through several extramural activities, promotes CBPR that encourages partnerships between community members and academic researchers in public health.
Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) was required to include a CBPR intervention project, and four additional Children's Centers were subsequently funded (O'Fallon et al.