CBPRCommunity-Based Participatory Research
CBPRComputer-Based Patient Record (medical technology)
CBPRCentre for Building Performance Research (Victoria University of Wellington; New Zealand)
CBPRCommunity-Based Property Right
CBPRCapacity Building for Poverty Reduction Programme (India)
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and Philippine government officials will talk about the importance of cross border data flows and the APEC CBPR System.
The purpose of the project is to advance work on the discussion and promotion of participation in the CBPR System.
The commission will work strenuously to ensure the reciprocal and smooth transfer of data, including by promoting the APEC CBPR system.
Second, CBPR (alongside parallel efforts in the patient-centered medical home) brings with it a sharing of responsibility between professionals and lay community members.
Since CBPR researchers approach community members as partners, not subjects, one would expect that the community's engagement and retention would be maximized, as the community would be invested in the intervention and outcomes.
Over the last fifteen years, CBPR has gained increased credibility in public health because of its emphasis on the understanding of individuals' health-related experiences and the identification of workable and appropriate services (Heslop, Elsom, & Parker, 2000; Kovacs, 2000).
As one may see, the benefits of CBPR are multidimensional.
The first part is the introduction to CBPR where its conceptual and historical roots have been traced.
CBPR looks also to the social causes of human problems and differentials in their occurrence.
He remained there until accepting the post of CBPR Director of Information Technology in 1996.
The CBPR system aims to facilitate trade and economic growth through enhancing electronic commerce and strengthening consumer privacy protections across the Asia Pacific region.
While the studies presented here were not required to use CBPR strategies in their work, they did engage community members in a participatory manner.