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CBPSchemical biological protective shelter (US DoD)
CBPSCongenital Bilateral Perisylvian Syndrome
CBPSChesapeake Beach Professional Seminars (est. 1995; Chesapeake Beach, MD)
CBPSCoded Bits Per Symbol
CBPSCenter for Budget and Policy Studies (India)
CBPSCapacity Building for Private Sector (World Bank)
CBPSChristies Beach Primary School (Australia)
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Bob Bohn, Vice President Sales, Smiths Detection, said: "These CBPS units offer the U.
The CBPS is designed for use in chemically or biologically contaminated areas, and provides a self-contained, environmentally-controlled and contamination-free work area for use as a mobile medical aid station, field command post or emergency facility.
The contract includes design finalization, prototype testing, revised engineering drawings, technical manuals and the low rate production of 26 new CBPS units.
We have also responded to a request for proposal to retrofit existing CBPS units and continue to work with EASI with respect to the future production program to build new CBPS units.
The potential threat of our troops facing a chemical or biological attack during the current conflict in Iraq remains very real," Shanahan commented, "Should this occur, our CBPS system is quite capable of providing soldiers or medical personnel with collective protection against these dangerous weapons of mass destruction.
This order includes funding of certain engineering change proposals (ECPs) on the 113 units currently in production plus the exercise of an option for the production of an additional 10 CBPS units, according to Michael F.
This initial shipment signifies the commencement of full rate production of 113 CBPS units under the $43.
The acquisition includes Coldwell Banker Paula Stringer's two wholly owned subsidiaries, Coldwell Banker Barbara Hensley and Coldwell Banker Whiteside Associates, both of which are major local brokerages dominating their market areas and acquired by CBPS in the last two years.