CBRCCutaneous Biology Research Center
CBRCCanadian Business Resource Centre
CBRCCopenhagen Brain Research Center
CBRCColorado Business Resource Center
CBRCColorado Bird Records Committee (Colorado Field Ornithologists; Boulder, CO)
CBRCCombat Brigade Refresher Course
CBRCChina Banking Regulatory Commission
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According to the CBRC guidelines, a gap of fewer than 50 points denotes a weak lead.
Commercial banks all have to submit stress test results to the local CBRC branch every quarter.
The signing took place during a meeting between the Chairman of the CBRC, Mr Shang Fulin and the Chairman of the Board of Directors of the DFSA, Mr Saeb Eigner, and coincided with a visit to Beijing by a DFSA delegation attending the 2012 Annual Conference of the International Organisation of Securities Commissions.
The agreement was signed, on behalf of the DFSA, by Paul M Koster, and on behalf of the CBRC, by chairman Shang Fulin.
Eigner said: "I am very pleased that the CBRC and the DFSA have, with this supplementary agreement, enhanced the terms of the Memorandum of Understanding we put in place on 24 September 2007.
On-site examinations by the CBRC cover, among other things, the major areas of operations: corporate governance and senior management responsibilities; capital adequacy; asset structure and asset quality (including structure and quality of loans); off-balance-sheet activities; earnings; liquidity; liability structure and funding sources; expansionary plans; internal controls (including accounting controls and administrative systems); legal compliance; accounting supervision and internal auditing (including accounting controls and administrative systems); and any other areas deemed necessary by the CBRC.
5 Analyses on 12 Financial Leasing Enterprises Directly Subordinated to CBRC
Zhu's agency and installed his protege Yan Hai-wang to form a team of experts, excluding anyone from the People's Bank of China, to create an independent bank regulator--the CBRC headed by Liu Ming-kang.
Through its association with Garu CBRC, PWS&D is working for the underprivileged, the voiceless and the disadvantaged in society.
The CBRC gave Nour hearing aids and at the age of four she enrolled at the CBRC school for children with hearing impairments.
The CBRC would limit foreign banks' derivatives trading business based on their experience and qualifications.
Marcus, RPA, FMA, vice president, management, Cohen Brothers Realty Corporation (CBRC), noted that by proactively taking "the initiative to assess the infrastructure of our properties" CBRC has been able to "make the improvements and upgrades required to remain competitive in the market.