CBRFCommunity-Based Residential Facility
CBRFCentral Bank of the Russian Federation
CBRFChesapeake Bay Restoration Fund
CBRFChristian Brethren Research Fellowship (religious organization; various locations)
CBRFConical Beam Response Function
CBRFCommunity-Based Research Forum (University of Victoria; British Columbia, Canada)
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The Marathon County FCM Department services approximately 1,000,000 square feet of buildings to include; the Courthouse, Jail, Sheriffs Department, Library, Social Services, Juvenile Detention Center, FCM Building, 3 separate office buildings and the North Central Health Care Facility consisting of a CBRF, Aquatic Services, Short Term Rehabilitation, Long Term Care, Behavioral Health and AODA.
Liquidity within the CBRF is also used by the authority to support other variable-rate programs such as the authority's Versatile Structured Obligations (VSOs) which are currently rated 'A+', with a Stable Outlook, by Fitch.
The authority has adopted an internal policy to maintain cash and/or investments that can be liquidated on a same-day basis within the CBRF in an amount at least equal to 1.
Avoiding Undesired Weight Loss, Maintaining Hydration Through Nutrition Program: CRL's all-natural nutritional program continues to help residents maintain a healthy weight; weight loss occurs in approximately 3% of CRL CBRF residents relative to 9.
CBRF is a direct subsidiary of CBRE|Melody & Co.
CBRF is the external advisor to the collateral manager for CBRE 2006-1.
For more details refer to the Fitch Ratings Asset Manager Profile on CBRF, available on the Fitch Ratings web site 'www.
CBRF will be the collateral manager for CBRE 2006-1.