CBRPCluster-Based Routing Protocol
CBRPCentral Broward Regional Park (Florida)
CBRPCertified Business Resilience Professional (Canada)
CBRPConcept Based Requirements Process
CBRPClinch River Breeder Reactor Plant
CBRPChesapeake Bay Recovery Partnership (est. 2005; Maryland)
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CBRP is one of the well known hierarchical routing protocols.
Hahn et al [11] proposed an improvement of key management by combining certificate chaining and cluster-based CBRP routing protocol.
CBRP data structures have been enriched by certificate cache table and CRL (certificate revocation list).
The extension includes CBRP protocol [33], certificate management libraries [34], and predictive preemptive mechanism [35].
The results suggest that CBRP II may play an important role in egg production traits.
CBRP [7] and CGSR [8] are the examples of such protocols.
After the formation of clusters, routing procedure is similar to that of CBRP.
The example of cluster-based routing protocol includes CBRP [20].
By grouping nodes into clusters, the CBRP efficiently minimizes the flooding traffic during route discovery and speeds up this process as well.
We use CBRP as an underlying routing protocol with following features: expanding-ring-search (ERS) algorithm [28], location-based forwarding [22] and local repair as in [20].
Jacob added that after completing the 10-cycle requirement of the CBRP, surrenderers will be subjected to another drug test to ensure that they have been drug-free after their voluntary surrender to authorities.
Meanwhile, the Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency (PDEA) in Region 2 now included the 100 percent attendance of surrenderers in the CBRP as one of the requirements for the declaration of a barangay or town as drug-free.