CBSLCentral Bank of Sri Lanka
CBSLCommunity-Based Service Learning
CBSLCarnival Band Secretaries League (est. 1936)
CBSLCapital Business Systems Limited (est. 1950; New Delhi, India)
CBSLCoordinated Baseline Status List
CBSLCorrected Blue Sensitivity Loss (ophthalmology)
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Indrajit Coomaraswamy, Governor, CBSL, said, "CBSL has identified the need to develop a strategy for Financial Inclusion at the national level to achieve sustainable development and create a conducive financial environment to bring under-served segments of society to the formal financial sector.
CBSL has frozen the assets of PTL held with CBSL and has informed the Securities and Exchange Commission to take appropriate action with regard to assets of PTL coming under its purview.
Viewed holistically, one may therefore argue that the RBI, the SBP, and the CBSL have shown some commitment to stabilise inflation.
The CBSL will likely adopt a more aggressive monetary tightening stance in order to slow credit and money supply growth.
Though attendance rates fluctuate slightly, an average of 30-40 high school students attend each meeting: The (paired) undergraduate CBSL mentors divide their attention between six to eight high school students.
CBSL (2000; 2001; 2002; 2003; 2004; 2005; 2006) Central Bank Annual Reports, Central Bank of Sri Lanka (CBSL), Colombo, Sri Lanka.
The Islamic finance directive issued by the CBSL supervision department defines Islamic banking and two of its fundamental elements clearly in the legislation.
CBSL sites were arranged at a local public school, library, or community college, or at the university itself.
All reference laboratories reported zero or not detectable drug concentrations in the blank samples supplied with the primary standards and in blank samples prepared by CBSL.
The push continued into Q111 and Q211 when the CBSL reported that the combined internet and mobile broadband subscriber figures increased to 673,000 and 692,000 respectively.
Earlier, CID presented facts to court on Friday (February 2), naming Aloysius, Palisena and Arjuna Mahendran as suspects over the CBSL Treasury Bond issue.
The CBSL acting in terms of the Regulations made under the Registered Stock and Securities Ordinance and the Local Treasury Bills Ordinance, has taken this decision in order to continue the investigations being conducted by the Central Bank of Sri Lanka.