CBSLCentral Bank of Sri Lanka
CBSLCommunity-Based Service Learning
CBSLCarnival Band Secretaries League (est. 1936)
CBSLCoordinated Baseline Status List
CBSLCapital Business Systems Limited (est. 1950; New Delhi, India)
CBSLCorrected Blue Sensitivity Loss (ophthalmology)
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Though attendance rates fluctuate slightly, an average of 30-40 high school students attend each meeting: The (paired) undergraduate CBSL mentors divide their attention between six to eight high school students.
CBSL (2000; 2001; 2002; 2003; 2004; 2005; 2006) Central Bank Annual Reports, Central Bank of Sri Lanka (CBSL), Colombo, Sri Lanka.
The Islamic finance directive issued by the CBSL supervision department defines Islamic banking and two of its fundamental elements clearly in the legislation.
CBSL sites were arranged at a local public school, library, or community college, or at the university itself.
All reference laboratories reported zero or not detectable drug concentrations in the blank samples supplied with the primary standards and in blank samples prepared by CBSL.
CBSL is now in a position to be competitive in the global market and attract more international investments.
GARY Beckett of Redcar Lakes was beaten by Hartlepool Snooker Centre's John Morrell in the semi-final of the CBSL Corner Trophy.
The CBSL has embarked on an ambitious modernisation programme, funded through a World Bank loan, to reduce risks and increase efficiency within the national payments system.
The CBSL said that the agreement is also expected to facilitate the rapidly growing bilateral trade and investments between the two countries, as well as contribute towards the further enhancement of the financial cooperation between the two Central Banks.
PHIL Hartley of Redcar Cons has again lifted the CBSL Bass Seniors Shield, thanks to a closely fought 3-2 win over Ron Bickerdike of Lune Street.
Change from CBSL to CBSI Matches Popular Acronym Among Customers
The Central Bank of Sri Lanka (CBSL) has revealed in a media statement that the Monetary Board of the country has appointed four new Assistant Governors for the CBSL to deal with the deepening problems of the Sri Lankan economy.