CBSVCassava Brown Streak Virus (plants)
CBSVCarl Barks' Samlede Verk (Danish: Carl Barks' Total Works; book)
CBSVCyclin B Splice Variant (protein)
CBSVCredit Bureau Services of Vermont (South Burlington, VT)
CBSVConsent Based SSN (Social Security Number) Verification (US SSA)
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Triplicate RT-PCR tests using coat protein gene specific primers for CBSV [3] were done on the tissue culture plants (molecular indexing).
Collected leaf samples were stored at -80[degrees]C prior to CBSV testing.
In the infected rootstock-healthy scion treatment, the samples were collected from the top leaf lobe after 2, 3 and 5 days and thereafter weekly up to 24 weeks and stored at -80[degrees]C for CBSV detection by RT-PCR.
Leaf samples were collected from each of the source plants for confirmation of the presence of CBSV by RT-PCR using CP gene-specific primers at MARI.
Leaf samples were collected monthly for CBSV detection.
An experiment to test the possibility of CBSV spread through leaf harvesting, which is carried out by people eating cassava leaves as a vegetable, was conducted in the screenhouse (Figure 1E) at SRI, Kibaha from September 2007 to March 2008.
The primers, CBSV 10F and 11R [4] designed to amplify a 231 bp segment of the CP gene were used.
CBSV was detected in almost all live tissues tested except in seeds and peelings from the middle and mature sections of the stem.
Given the fact that equal weights of tissue were used for RNA extraction and equal volume of RNA used for RT-PCR, the brighter bands suggested the suitability of tissues from these organs for CBSV detection.
CBSV was detected in flowers, fruits, apical buds, young tender leaves, newly open leaves, youngest symptomatic leaves, tender-top green stem portions and non-necrotic storage root tissues.
Test results for CBSV by RT-PCR on bulked samples revealed that the virus could be detected from 1:1 to 1:19 of the CBSV-infected to CBSV-free cassava leaf tissues in cv.
This suggests that most portions of infected cassava plants could be used to sample for CBSV.