CBSVCassava Brown Streak Virus (plants)
CBSVCarl Barks' Samlede Verk (Danish: Carl Barks' Total Works; book)
CBSVCyclin B Splice Variant (protein)
CBSVCredit Bureau Services of Vermont (South Burlington, VT)
CBSVConsent Based SSN (Social Security Number) Verification (US SSA)
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Given the push by SSA and the broader federal government to modernize IT infrastructure, we strongly believe that SSA should make provisions to accept the consent of an individual electronically in order to access CBSV.
In our view, a consumers consent given electronically and received by a financial institution in order to access the CBSV is clearly in the spirit of both of these laws.
We are pleased, therefore, that the only information provided to users of the CBSV system are machine-to-machine numerical responses corresponding to yes, no, or, deceased.
Success with artificial sap transmission of CBSV was reported [17], although the infection rate was not established.
The current study aimed at identifying other non-vector mechanisms of CBSV transmission and comparing their effectiveness and efficiency.
The CBSV transmission experiments included grafting, seeds, CBSV-infected cassava root debris, or mechanical transmission by sap, leaf harvesting or cutting tools (Figure 1).
Triplicate RT-PCR tests using coat protein gene specific primers for CBSV [3] were done on the tissue culture plants (molecular indexing).
The presence of an infective virus, CBSV was detected by the reverse transcriptase polymerase chain reaction (RT-PCR) using the (coat protein) CP gene specific primers [4].
Albert, pre-tested for CBSV and maintained in the screen-house and bulked at different ratios.
The primers, CBSV 10F and 11R [4] designed to amplify a 231 bp segment of the CP gene were used.
CBSV was detected in almost all live tissues tested except in seeds and peelings from the middle and mature sections of the stem.
CBSV will verify whether a name and SSN match the data in the Social Security Administration's (SSA) records.