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CBTCCommunications-Based Train Control
CBTCCardiff Business Technology Centre (UK)
CBTCCoastal Bicycle Touring Club (Savannah, GA)
CBTCCorredor Biológico Talamanca-Caribe (Spanish: Talamanca Biological Corridor-Caribbean; Costa Rica)
CBTCChildhood Brain Tumor Consortium
CBTCCabarrus Business and Technology Center (Rowan-Cabarrus Community College; Concord, NC)
CBTCCambridgeshire Business Training Centres (UK)
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Instead of telling CBTC to cure the defect within the remaining one-day period, the CRMD advised the company to request for an extension to submit the requirement.
Using CBTC systems, the exact position of a train is precisely known, as opposed to the old traditional signaling systems, making them more accurate.
Parallel versions of the CBTC, RTC and CBLSoC heuristics are given in Patvardhan et al.
Reportedly, LSIS was engaged in a national project to develop the Korean Radio-based Train Control System (KRTCS) for the unmanned remote control of trains via Long-Term Evolution (LTE) wireless communication and Wi-Fi, making it the first CBTC system in the world that uses both Wi-Fi and LTE technologies.
Hitachi's CBTC system has achieved international recognition from the European Certification Agency.
The CBTC is a railway signaling system that makes use of telecommunications between trains and track equipment for traffic management and infrastructure control.
CBTC has opened a bamboo factory in Tripura for the surrendered militants, which is the first of its kind in the northeast.
The CBTC system, developed locally in China by Beijing TCT using Wind River's real-time operating system VxWorks, is an automatic train control system that can handle train traffic running with targeted intervals of 90 seconds.
Expression of interest for Selection of Consultant for Feasibility study for implementation of CBTC ( Communication Based Train Control) system to enhance safety and to achieve improved headway on Mumbai suburban railway network of Western & Central Railways and preparation of detailed project report for implementation of CBTC on Harbour and Trans Harbour line of Mumbai suburban section
RADWIN's FiberinMotion train-to-ground solution provides 500 Mbps throughput and in non-line-of-sight and tunnel topologies, and powers a range of applications including high-speed wi-fi, real-time CCTV, PIS and CBTC.
The new-look firm will be known as CBTC Millichips and will be based in West Bromwich.
Kevin Drew, a senior associate solicitor with CBTC, said: "We will be looking to actively build our profile and attract new clients.