CBTECompetency Based Teacher Education
CBTECommunity-Based Tourism Enterprise (various locations)
CBTEChurch Based Theological Education
CBTEChemotherapy Basic Treatment Equivalent (outpatient healthcare)
CBTEConference Based Theological Education
CBTECertified Business Travel Executive (National Business Travel Association)
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Proponents of CBTE aspired to structure teacher education around a set of precise learning objectives ("competencies"), defined in assessable, behavioral terms (Howsam & Houston, 1972).
CBTE also engaged students in an instructional cycle that began with observation and included several rounds of practice, critique, and practice again.
Student thinking was much less obviously viewed as a resource in CBTE than it is now, and the ways in which teaching was described and organized for novices' learning reflected this.
The CBTE and the TPAI are composed of instruments containing generic teaching competencies, each competency measured by several indicators.
These performances have been called competencies, as in the CBTE (Competency-Based Teacher Education) approach of the 1970s.
OB) is pleased to announce that, effective March 25, 2010, the company's stock began trading on the OTC Bulletin Board under the symbol CBTE.