CBTFChildren's Brain Tumor Foundation (New York, New York)
CBTFCapacity Building Task Force (on Trade, Environment and Development; United Nations))
CBTFChildhood Brain Tumor Foundation (Germantown, Maryland)
CBTFCanting Ballast, Twin Foil
CBTFCell Behaviour Task Force (ANRG) :-)
CBTFChesapeake Bay Triton Fleet (Annapolis, MD)
CBTFCore Banking Transaction Framework (IBM Corp.)
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Since establishing its 2012 reserve fund in which a portion of commissions are regularly designated to CBTF, Homes By Mara has contributed nearly $7,000 to the organization to date, an effort they plan to continue throughout this year and beyond.
The continued support of Qatargas to the CBTF is part of the company's corporate social responsibility programme.
Commenting on Qatargas support to CBTF Qatargas Chief Operating Officer - Administration Ghanim al-Kuwari said: "Qatargas is pleased to offer its support to the Children's Brain Tumour Foundation as part of our corporate citizenship philosophy.
The CBTF report recognizes that preparing the next generation is the best way for California to ensure a workforce that is technologically literate and equipped for the new economy.
CBTF[TM] is being demonstrated around the world as a robust and viable design that wins races," said Bill Burns, CBTF project leader and designer.
While we don't expect a record this year, we do expect a hard-fought battle between these three magnificent 30-meter yachts," said Chuck Robinson, president of San Diego-based CBTF Co.
Prior to the start the interest focussed primarily on the developing weather pattern and the challenge facing Bob Oatley's 30m CBTF supermaxi Wild Oats XI, the winner of the Triple Crown in the previous RSHYR--line and handicap honours and the race record.
Findings from the report were presented at the CBTF and provided research information that assists organizations in conducting a critical review of their Travel & Entertainment (T&E) management practices with a view to achieving more cost-effective solutions.
The keel bulb weighs 1700kg, and like Atomic, it carries long, high aspect ratio wings to generate lateral resistance, a feature that Dovell maintains is superior to the CBTF concept.
For more information about CBTF, please visit the website at: www.
This year 55 yachts were on the line in light and very choppy conditions and Steven David's CBTF 60-footer Wild Joe (formerly Wild Oats IX and the race record holder) was the next largest competitor after Wild Oats XI.