CBTIComputer-Based Test Interpretation (psychological assessment)
CBTICombat Intelligence
CBTIChurch-Based Training International (Christiana, TN)
CBTIC-Bus Telephone Interface
CBTICampus Based Tuition Increase (University of North Carolina)
CBTICustomized Business & Technical Information
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He said the CBTI will undertake training programs funded by the National Commercial Bank (NCB) and the chamber of commerce and industry in Yanbu as partners of the CBTI.
The CBTI center is geared at providing business planning, feasibility studies, workshops, labs, sales and funding strategies, accountancy services and company registration services, he noted.
Services offered include conventional sleep medicine therapies and diagnostic testing as well as CBTI, actigraphy monitoring, and complementary medicine approaches for healthy sleep.
com) uses a smartphone and a heart rate monitor to accurately assess sleep issues, and offers an individualized sleep improvement plan, based on the Stanford University's CBTI protocols.
Research of the efficacy of CBTI in PTSD is in its early stages.
Several studies have examined IR with some elements of CBTI included in the treatment protocol.
As noted previously, little research has examined the efficacy of CBTI for PTSD-related sleep difficulties.
There are two situations in which it is best not to use CBTI and/or IR.
Patients who continue to report sleep disturbance after completing CBT for PTSD can then start CBTI.
The second situation is the use of CBTI with PTSD-related insomnia with excessive daytime sleepiness, as is the case for PTSD patients with severe comorbid OSA.
While medication has a role in treating psychological illness like depression, CBTI would like to see more medical professionals suggesting "talking therapies" and "self-help" options, especially cognitive behaviour therapy, to their patients.
Marina O'Donovan, co-ordinator of CBTI, said: "CBT effectively teaches people to be their own therapist, giving them skills to manage problems.