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CBTTCentral Bank of Trinidad and Tobago
CBTTCitizens for a Better Trinidad and Tobago (NGO for Social Work)
CBTTComputer Based Trades and Technology (courses)
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The CBTT is based on the participant's ability, which is indicated by how far the participant can go in solving the passes; then the final result will be exposed, which includes the participant's grade and total points.
013), indicating that there are significant differences between the treatment group and the control group in their CBTT scores.
The test of spatial memory in the Corsi Block-Tapping Task (CBTT) provided the results shown in Table 7, which indicate there was no significant difference between boys' and girls' performance on the CBTT, in either the pre-test or in the post-test.
The series focuses on learning and applying 30 different CBTT aspects with the end goal being to help Community Managers use these CBTT tools to adopt a lifestyle of professionalism, customer service and perpetual development.
The CBTT continues to mop up considerable excess liquidity via voluntary term deposits by commercial banks and a recent TT$1 billion government bond.