CBTPCommunity Based Transportation Planning (grant program; California)
CBTPCancer Biology Training Program
CBTPCaisse du Bâtiment et des Travaux Publics (French: Construction and Public Works Fund)
CBTPCellular Biotechnology Training Program (University of Michigan)
CBTpCognitive Behavioral Therapy for Psychosis (behavioral science)
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Programme effectiveness refers to the instructions provided to the users and the terminology and layout of the CBTP.
The CBTP is a learning programme developed by the researcher for student nurses in an oncology clinical setting.
The reason for this selection was that the MMS facilities used for the implementation of the CBTP provided easy access to this group.
RESEARCH TECHNIQUES The CBTP programme developed for student nurses in an oncology clinical setting was evaluated by means of a Likert type structured questionnaire.
to assess the utilisation of the CBTP by student nurses
In stage 1 a CBTP was developed and evaluated while implementation and data gathering took place in stage 2.
As the CBTP had to be installed on computers in the wards, the available facilities were important.
Validity, reliability and data gathering with respect to the CBTP
The written content and educational approach of the CBTP was evaluated by domain experts including registered nurses, a radio-oncotherapist as well as three nursing education experts for content validity and educational appropriateness respectively, after which corrections were made.
The CBTP was designed to be simple enough to motivate respondents to use it and to ensure that they would be able to locate appropriate information with ease.
With due observance of the cooperative learning approaches (Goodsell, Maher & Tinto, 1992), respondents were also allowed to use the CBTP as a group, and every respondent's particulars were keyed in.
The rationale for the inclusion of multiple choice test items in the CBTP is that this type of test item can be effectively used to ensure range validity of the contents and the fact that these items are used in various computer-based teaching programmes as a method of promoting and evaluating knowledge (Garfield, Paskin & Phillip, 1989:457-462).