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CBVCerebral Blood Volume
CBVChartered Business Valuator (accounting designation)
CBVCoups et Blessures Volontaires (French: Malicious Wounding)
CBVCoban, Guatemala (Airport code)
CBVConseil des Bourses de Valeurs (French: Board of Stock Exchanges)
CBVCirculating Blood Volume
CBVCompressor Bypass Valve
CBVCandles by Victoria (Van, TX)
CBVCombat Breacher Vehicle
CBVCuerpo de Bomberos Voluntarios (Guatemalan Fire Department)
CBVCompagnie Belge de Ventilateurs (French: Belgian Fan Company; Belgium)
CBVClub Badminton Vienne (French: Vienne Badminton Club; Vienne, France)
CBVCabin Bleed Valve
CBVClub de Badminton Villeneuvois (French: Villeneuvois Badminton Club; Villeneuve- Tolosane, France)
CBVContainment Building Ventilation
CBVCounterbalance-Valve (load control valve)
CBVCommerce Bretagne Veaux (French: Brittany Calf Trade; Plouigneau, France)
CBVClub de Badminton de Verberie (French: Verberie Badminton Club; Verberie, France)
CBVCycle-Based Verification
CBVClub Bouliste de Villefranche (French: Villefranche Bowling Club; Villefranche-sur- Saône, France)
CBVCerebellum Vermis
CBVCentre de Basse Vision (French: Low Vision Center)
CBVConcept Burning Volt (online forum)
CBVCommunity Based Volunteer (various organizations)
CBVConfederação Brasileira de Voleibol (Portuguese: Brazilian Volleyball Confederation)
CBVCentre de Beauté Vénus (French: Venus Beauty Center; Sainte-Terre, France)
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Accurate CBV quantification is difficult, especially in cases of glioblastoma (GBM) where the BBB has been interrupted and contrast leakage occurs.
To understand the genetic relatedness of isolates in India that belonged to an EV type to those from other countries, we performed initially phylogenetic analyses of VP1 sequences of isolates from India that belonged to the prevalent EV71, E13, and CBV types with a large number of VP1 sequences representing different genogroups or subgenogroups within the types available in GenBank.
The CBV filler is the first in a family of craniomaxillofacial surgery products that incorporate the TRS's novel skeletal reconstruction and bone regeneration technology platform, the start-up medical device company said.
The EGB and CBV are both opened and the gas temperature maintained above 300AC.
CBV maps also were obtained for the mice before and after administration of risperidone or a control.
One of the most recent beneficiaries of a CBV award is 27-year-old Rachel Lynch, from Morpeth, who was awarded nearly pounds 4,000 last month to set up her own portrait photography business.
Critical blood volume was calculated for all patients who experienced hypotension, however, we were unable to find a CBV for individual patients that could predict forthcoming hypotension.
Meanwhile, MacDonald will meet with the Dutch body, the CBV, next week and hand them the relevant paperwork.
Matt Burrows, of Blinded by Sound, said "The CBV grant will allow the business to really take off.
There was no significant difference in seroprevalence of antibodies against other viruses, CBV and PVB19.
130 CBV Coefficient of volume expansion 560x10" BV (1N)(V/T), K 460x10" CBV Glass-transition temperature, [degrees] C -75 to -6 B 1.
Timing of high dose CBV and autologous bone marrow transplantation in the management of relapsed or refractory Hodgkin's disease.