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CBVConfederação Brasileira de Voleibol (Portuguese: Brazilian Volleyball Confederation)
CBVCerebral Blood Volume
CBVCapillary Blood Volume
CBVCentral Blood Volume
CBVCall by Value
CBVClass-Based View (Django)
CBVCanasta Básica Vital (Spanish: Vital Edge Pack; Guatemala)
CBVCommunity Based Volunteer (various organizations)
CBVChartered Business Valuator (accounting designation)
CBVCalibrated Balancing Valve (HVAC device)
CBVCoups et Blessures Volontaires (French: Malicious Wounding)
CBVCoban, Guatemala (Airport code)
CBVConseil des Bourses de Valeurs (French: Board of Stock Exchanges)
CBVCirculating Blood Volume
CBVCentre de Beauté Vénus (French: Venus Beauty Center; Sainte-Terre, France)
CBVCompressor Bypass Valve
CBVCandles by Victoria (Van, TX)
CBVCuerpo de Bomberos Voluntarios (Guatemalan Fire Department)
CBVCombat Breacher Vehicle
CBVCompagnie Belge de Ventilateurs (French: Belgian Fan Company; Belgium)
CBVClub Badminton Vienne (French: Vienne Badminton Club; Vienne, France)
CBVCabin Bleed Valve
CBVCounterbalance-Valve (load control valve)
CBVClub de Badminton Villeneuvois (French: Villeneuvois Badminton Club; Villeneuve- Tolosane, France)
CBVContainment Building Ventilation
CBVCuerpo Bomberos Valparaíso (Spanish; Valparaiso Fire Corps; Valparaíso, Chile)
CBVCommerce Bretagne Veaux (French: Brittany Calf Trade; Plouigneau, France)
CBVCycle-Based Verification
CBVClub de Badminton de Verberie (French: Verberie Badminton Club; Verberie, France)
CBVClub Bouliste de Villefranche (French: Villefranche Bowling Club; Villefranche-sur- Saône, France)
CBVCerebellum Vermis
CBVCentre de Basse Vision (French: Low Vision Center)
CBVConcept Burning Volt (online forum)
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5T (the post-bolus baseline returned to a level above the baseline), (21) also resulting in a higher SNR in CBV images.
Relative CBV (rCBV) was calculated from three separate ROIs that were placed in three different compartments: the area of contrast-enhancement, the nonenhancing tumor, and high perfusion area seen on the CBV color overlay maps.
The recent literature related to the dynamic CBV, to cognitive and behavioral theory, and to knowledge management have started to detail how capabilities work (Teece, 2007).
XML-POJO Mapper accepts the specification and transfers it into a POJO class, after which a copy of POJO class will be generated and go through the CBV (Core Business Vocabularies) Mapping based on ontology by reflection mechanism if the definite mapping is required by applications.
En efecto, los CBV seguidos de ITT de menos de ocho dias o sin ningun ITT antes eran contravenciones, salvo algunas excepciones.
We also currently have the following new exhibitors: Great Hotels of the World, Hungarian National Tourist Office, the Moscow Exhibition & Convention Agency, Finland CBV, Morocco, NH Hotels, and Cyprus Tourism Organisation, The Kingdom of Bahrain, Riga Tourism Development Bureau, Concorde Hotels & Resorts, Taj Hotels, the Balearic Islands and H10 Hotels.
Tambien es preciso aclarar que a partir de 1979 desaparecio la CBD--Confederacion Brasilena del Deporte--, lo cual da origen a un amplio conjunto de confederaciones deportivas (CBF, CBV, CBB, CBA, etc.
Area of Specialization: Goodwill Certifications/Credentials: CPA/ABV, CA/CBV, MBA, CBV, ASA Website: www.
3) RBC, "Ressource-based view", l'approche par les ressources ; CBV, "Comptence-based view", Theories des competences fondamentales ; CD, Theories des capacites dynamiques ; EE, l'ecole evolutionniste.
Talpa Media, owned by Dutch media tycoon John de Mol, and Portugal's TV producer CBV will establish a TV production joint venture that will serve the Portuguese market.
Thus NIRS can measure amounts of hemoglobin and deoxyhemoglobin in tissue, which BOLD fMRI cannot, because BOLD fMRI signal changes arise from a complex mixture of CBF, CBV, and oxygenation changes.