CBWTPColumbia Basin Water Transactions Program (est. 2002; Portland, OR)
CBWTPColumbia Boulevard Wastewater Treatment Plant (Portland, OR)
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money from the CBWTP and the State of Oregon under Measures 66 and 76;
to the creation of the CBWTP and the Klamath Water Bank, and the
transaction expenses that were considered separate from the CBWTP.
hydropower funding of the CBWTP and the local government funding of the
The best example of this is the well-organized group of qualified local organizations participating in the CBWTP.
248) With the development of the CBWTP, this changed, and all water acquisitions were prioritized and evaluated.
259) The CBWTP was evaluated, as a program, by a third-party professional evaluation firm whose report was peer-reviewed by an academic panel.