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CBERCenter for Biologics Evaluation and Research (US FDA)
CBERCenter for Business and Economic Research
CBERColumbia Basin Equine Rescue (Yakima, WA)
CBERChannel Bit Error Rate
CBERCenter for Bio-Ethical Reform (pro-life organization)
CBERCenter for Biomedical and Environmental Research (Youngstown State University)
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Patients would also like to see a more standardized approach from CBER and better and faster coordination between the various federal agencies, said Patrick Terry, a professional advisory board member of the Genetic Alliance.
After a thorough assessment of the data, CBER makes a decision based on the risk-benefit for the intended population and the product's intended use.
CBER research includes public finance, regional economics, manufacturing, transportation, and energy sector studies.
The CBER and the council plans yearly updates of the report to track which elements of the economy are improving and which need more work.
Kathy Deck, director of CBER, will present statistical highlights from the first and second quarters of 2011 and discuss trends facing the regional and state economies.
The collaboration between CBER and the Office of Regulatory Affairs through the HTTF is a model that served us particularly well and will be continued.
For over 18 years, Biologics Consulting Group has supported clients in the preparation and review of CBER, CDER and CDRH regulatory applications, product development strategies, pre-clinical and clinical study designs, GLP/GCP/GMP audits, and strategic business planning.
commissions the CBER to gather data on residential, multi-family and commercial property, and the bank shares much of the data with the public.
Contact person: Gail Dapolito or Danielle Cubbage, CBER, FDA, 1401 Rockville Pike, Rockville, MD, 20852.
CBER's Division of Emerging and Transfusion Transmitted Diseases (DETTD) will fund BioTrove's efforts to adapt the Center's current real-time PCR pathogen assays to BioTrove's SNAP system and to perform the technical validation of the SNAP system's performance - one of several platforms that CBER is evaluating for high throughput, multi-plex detection of blood-borne pathogens.
ViroPharma's partner Halozyme informed ViroPharma that Halozyme must provide results from additional pre-clinical studies to CBER before clinical investigations in combination with rHuPH20 on temporary hold can resume.
The primary goal of the new task force is to identify whether any additional steps are needed to further protect the public health while assuring the availability of safe products," said CBER Director Jesse Goodman, MD.