CCAFSCape Canaveral Air Force Station (Florida)
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This will affect different parts of the world in radically different ways, but all regions will have to change their current approach to what they grow and eat," Sonja Vermeulen, the head of research at CCAFS and the lead author of the study, said.
Indeed, even if crops could withstand increased temperatures and decreased rainfall, their yields could drop because of these scourges," Philip Thornton, theme leader at CCAFS, said.
According to experts from CCAFS and other institutions, the region needs to sustainably increase crop productivity and climate resilience while also reducing or removing greenhouse gas emissions.
An Atlas III rocket lifted off from CCAFS on March 13, 2004 to place into orbit the Astrotech-processed MBSAT satellite which will deliver digital multimedia information services to mobile users throughout Japan and Korea.
On July 23, the WGS-6 spacecraft was mated to the Delta IV launch vehicle at Space Launch Complex 37 at CCAFS and on July 24, the NROL-65 spacecraft was mated to the Delta IV Heavy vehicle at Space Launch Complex 6 at VAFB.
Under the terms of the contract, Jacobs is providing the NASA/KSC Environmental Assurance Branch with professional services to support them in meeting the contamination assessment and remediation requirements for Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA) sites and petroleum contamination for NASA on KSC and CCAFS.
Thursday, March 11, at CCAFS Pass & ID Building for escort to Pad 36.
to launch sites at CCAFS and Vandenberg Air Force Base, Calif.
19, is a Delta IV Heavy NRO mission in support of national defense from Space Launch Complex-37 at CCAFS, Fla.
Launch Viewing: Accredited media covering the launch should meet at CCAFS Pass & ID at 5:30 p.
Launch Viewing: Accredited press covering the launch should meet at the CCAFS Pass & ID Building at 6:30 p.
ULA's next launch, currently scheduled for April 19, is the Orbital Test Vehicle mission for the Department of Defense aboard an Atlas V from Space Launch Complex-41 at CCAFS.