CCAGConnecticut Citizen Action Group
CCAGCahier des Clauses Administratives Générales
CCAGCoastal Concern Action Group (Norfolk, UK)
CCAGCévennes Club Alpine Gordini (French: Cevennes Gordini Alpine Club; Saint-Hilaire-de-Brethmas, France)
CCAGCreek Connections Action Group (San Jose, CA)
CCAGCarbon County Arts Guild (est. 1973; Carbon County, MT)
CCAGClassic Console and Arcade Gaming Show (trade show)
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London-based CCAG has a track record of successfully incubating businesses around the world in healthcare, hospitality, real estate, aviation, utilities and agriculture.
Governor Napolitano directed the CCAG to prepare an
In establishing the CCAG, the governor recognized that
20) Appointed by the Governor, the CCAG was a diverse group of
The CCAG determined that its recommended policy options, if fully
1 of the CCAG FCS, benefits of preventive maintenance subject to a minimum guarantee of 3 Months
2 of the CCAG FCS, the warranty does not cover acts of vandalism and wear and tear on equipment.
A period of one year warranty is applicable to benefits under this contract in accordance with Article 28 of the Intellectual CCAG.
the holder shall obtain insurance to ensure its accountability to the contracting authority and others, victims of accidents or damage caused by the performance of services in accordance with Article 9 of the CCAG FCS.
1 of the CCAG FCS, the contractor guarantees all its products for a minimum of 1 year from the date of delivery of supplies.
cDNA (2 [micro]L) was tested with real-time Sybr Green PCR reagent (Invitrogen) with specific primers (forward/ reverse: PEPCK: GAGTGCCCATCGAAGG CAT/CCAGTGCG CCAG GTAC TTG; [beta]-actin: GCCCTAGACTTCGAGC/CTTT ACGGATGTCAACGT).