CCAICongressional Coalition on Adoption Institute
CCAIChinese Children Adoption International
CCAIChemical Coaters Association International
CCAICisco Certified Academy Instructor
CCAICross-Cultural Adaptability Inventory (self-assessment instrument)
CCAICalculated Carbon Aromaticity Index
CCAICanadian Conference on Artificial Intelligence
CCAIChild Care Association of Illinois
CCAICoalition for Clean Air Implementation (EPA)
CCAIChambre de Conciliation et d'Arbitrage en Matière Immobilière (French: Board of Conciliation and Arbitration for Real Estate; Belgium)
CCAICertified Commercial Apartment Instructor (National Apartment Marketing Institute, Inc.)
CCAICall Center Application Interface
CCAIChamber of Commerce of the Apparel Industry (New York, New York)
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The candy companies that are members of CCAI and CFBAI make the majority of the candy on store shelves in the U.
Paired sample t-tests were used to assess change on the CCAI.
Prejudice, corresponds with CCAI dimensions (1) flexibility, openness,
The decision to use the items and subheadings in the CCAI was based on its close similarity to our observation of response pattern categories that were evident after reviewing the students' written reflection papers.
Her efforts caught the attention of Colorado adoption agency, CCAI, and the officials at China's CCCWA.
134) CCAI is an interagency group that works out of the
The CCAI was not developed to predict success or failure in cross-cultural interaction.
The four critical skill areas of the CCAI are as follows: Emotional Resilience: to measure the ability to rebound and react positively to new experiences; Flexibility and Openness: to measure the ability to adapt to different ways of thinking and behaving that are encountered in the cross-cultural experience; Perceptual Acuity: to measure the extent to which a person pays attention to and accurately perceives various aspects of the environment; and Personal Autonomy: to measure whether a person has an evolved system of values and beliefs and at the same time respects others and their value systems.
El Comite esta compuesto por el Alto Consejero Presidencial para la Accion Social y la Cooperacion Internacional, el Viceministro de Defensa, el Jefe del Estado Mayor Conjunto de las Fuerzas Militares y los delegados de las entidades permanentes del CCAI.
Charity regulators have given CCAI three days to explain themselves
CCAI is a nonpartisan, nonprofit organization dedicated to raising congressional and public awareness about foster children in this country and the millions of orphans around the world in need of permanent, safe, and loving homes.
Kelley and Meyers (1995) developed the CCAI in order to quantify the dimensions known to be associated with cross-cultural effectiveness.