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CCAMClassification Commune des Actes Médicaux (French equivalent to the US Procedure Coding System)
CCAMCertified Community Association Manager
CCAMCentre Culturel André Malraux (French: Andre Malraux Cultural Center; Nancy, France)
CCAMCapital Cities Asset Management (Austin, TX)
CCAMCertified Clinic Account Manager
CCAMCommunauté de Communes de l'Arc Mosellan (French: Community of Communes of Arc Mosellan; Moselle, France)
CCAMCenter for Computational & Applied Mathematics (Purdue University)
CCAMContamination and Collision Avoidance Maneuver
CCAMCongenital Cystic Adenoid Malformation
CCAMCercle des Collectionneurs d'Automobiles Miniatures (French: Car Miniatures Collectors Circle; Toulouse, France)
CCAMCherbourg Club Aviron de Mer (French: Cherbourg Sea Rowing Club; Cherbourg-Octeville, France)
CCAMCommunauté de Communes de l'Agglomération Migennoise (French: Community of Municipalities of Greater Migennoise; Migennes, France)
CCAMConformance Claim Attachment Mechanism (WS-I attachments profile)
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The CCAM claims that host interpersonal communication is an inseparable factor in the adaptation process.
CCAM represents focal pulmonary dysplasia as confirmed by identification of skeletal muscle within cyst wall.
In our patient, the diagnosis was made by USG findings in the prenatal period and was found to be compatible with type I CCAM (5).
Differentiation between CCAM and intrathoracic BPS may be challenging, but identification of a systemic arterial supply, most commonly the aorta, indicates a diagnosis of sequestration.
CCAM is one of five National Technology Centers for Networks and Pathways, and a home to leading-edge work in cell imaging and laser microscopy.
The vision for CCAM is to become a world-class research facility delivering a step change in design and manufacturing technologies," Rolls said.
51) In CCAM 200738013, the IRS explained that appraisers were not evaluating the restrictions in the easement but simply assuming a diminution percentage often percent.
The importance of differentiating these conditions is highlighted by the case of CCAM we present, as the surgical approach, thoracotomy for CCAM and laparotomy for CDH differs.
The Federal Transit Administration (FTA) manages the UWR initiative on behalf of CCAM and comprehensively focuses on all issues related to coordination of human service transportation.
The new venture, CCAM Enterprises LLC, combines Classic Cabinets and Advantage Mill & Cabinet.
Resection of enlarging CCAM not amenable to thoracoamniotic shunting.
Our technology was highlighted at several important conferences associated with CCAM, and was described in 10 million informational brochures produced by the National Colorectal Cancer Research Alliance (NCCRA) and distributed to over 50,000 pharmacies nationwide.