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CCAMClassification Commune des Actes Médicaux (French equivalent to the US Procedure Coding System)
CCAMCertified Community Association Manager
CCAMCentre Culturel André Malraux (French: Andre Malraux Cultural Center; Nancy, France)
CCAMCapital Cities Asset Management (Austin, TX)
CCAMCertified Clinic Account Manager
CCAMCommunauté de Communes de l'Arc Mosellan (French: Community of Communes of Arc Mosellan; Moselle, France)
CCAMCenter for Computational & Applied Mathematics (Purdue University)
CCAMContamination and Collision Avoidance Maneuver
CCAMCongenital Cystic Adenoid Malformation
CCAMCercle des Collectionneurs d'Automobiles Miniatures (French: Car Miniatures Collectors Circle; Toulouse, France)
CCAMCherbourg Club Aviron de Mer (French: Cherbourg Sea Rowing Club; Cherbourg-Octeville, France)
CCAMCommunauté de Communes de l'Agglomération Migennoise (French: Community of Municipalities of Greater Migennoise; Migennes, France)
CCAMConformance Claim Attachment Mechanism (WS-I attachments profile)
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Siemens has already invested more than $1 billion providingsoftware to several Virginia academic insti tutions including CCAM, SVHEC, Virginia State University, VirginiaPolytechnic Institute, and the Lee County Career and Technology Center.
Hydrops fetalis due to type 1 CCAM was found on ultrasonography.
Le CCAM indique egalement que les compagnies maritimes etrangeres risquent de profiter de la situation de crise des compagnies maritimes marocaines pour imposer leur monopole sur le marche du transport des passagers.
Differentiation between CCAM and intrathoracic BPS may be challenging, but identification of a systemic arterial supply, most commonly the aorta, indicates a diagnosis of sequestration.
The diagnosis of CCAM is suggested from clinical findings, chest radiograph and CT scan but can be confirmed only at surgery.
Multicystic and predominantly solid CCAM lesions may require fetal lobectomy.
We compared GDNF protein expression in postnatally resected CCAM with that in fetal and normal postnatal lung.
In addition to its clinical programs with p53, Introgen is conducting a number of preclinical and research programs involving a variety of genes for the treatment of cancer, including mda-7, PTEN, CCAM and others.
Management representatives from each of the eight major divisions, plus the building staff and the directors of human resources, administration, and management information systems, convened as the coordinated committee for administration and management, or CCAM.
Nixon-Carroll, a CCAM, began her career at a condominium development firm in Northern California.
As IREM President Lori Burger, CPM, PCAM, CCAM, wrote in a recent column for NREI: "New demands and new technologies are advancing the role of the property manager.
a full service Orange County, California based property management firm, today announced that Kendrah Kay CCAM, CMCA, and PowerStone's Director of Community Management, has been named to the CACM Board of Directors.