CCAMLRCommission for the Conservation of Antarctic Marine Living Resources
CCAMLRConvention on the Conservation of Antarctic Marine Living Resources
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While it is encouraging that China has endorsed a revision of the marine reserve in the Ross Sea, it is troubling that the Chinese derailed many other important measures by prioritizing fishing over advancing science-based conservation, which is the heart of the CCAMLR charter.
Parties to the Antarctic Treaty this week encouraged CCAMLR to continue their fruitful discussions on marine protected areas (MPAs) in the months leading up to their annual meeting, during which two MPA proposals in the Southern Ocean will be considered.
In recent years, scientists and marine policy experts from OES and other agencies have worked to develop a proposal to CCAMLR to create a marine protected area in the Ross Sea that will provide critical long-term protection to this unique ecosystem and maintain a reference area for scientific research and monitoring of the impacts of climate change and fishing.
Steve Campbell, campaign director of the Antarctic Ocean Alliance, says the coalition of conservation groups was "deeply disappointed" by the CCAMLR decision.
CCAMLR itself suggests that there has been a decrease in toothfish catch over the first four years of the program.
With CCAMLR completed, the Antarctic Treaty Consultative Parties turned their attention to the need to regulate mining and oil drilling.
Nonetheless, the CCAMLR limit sets an important precedent, by implementing a solution before the problem has become a crisis.
Since they were introduced, both proposals have undergone a number of iterations, and several significant compromises have been negotiated among CCAMLR members, including reduction in the size of the protected areas.
9 million square kilometre sanctuary in seas off east Antarctica -- backed by Australia, France and the EU -- also failed at the July CCAMLR meeting in Germany.
CCAMLR leaders call out Russia; James Cameron Petitions Russian President Putin
ARK was established to coordinate and cooperate with CCAMLR, facilitating research and sharing information on krill, the krill fishery and its impact on the ecosystem, with the goal of contributing to CCAMLR's work to manage the krill fishery on a sustainable basis.