CCAOCounty Commissioners Association of Ohio
CCAOCook County Assessor's Office (Illinois)
CCAOConsortium of Collegiate Agricultural Organizations (est. 2006; Indianapolis, IN)
CCAOClimate Change Adaptation Officer (various organizations)
CCAOChief Consulting & Analysis Officer
CCAOCampus Chief Academic Officer
CCAOCanadian Cambodian Association of Ontario (Canada)
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Staff Sergeant John Haibach of the 808th CCAO (M&H) (which supported the 9th AF in England and, later, France) wrote of creating incendiary bombs from 55-gallon drums, working with M47A1 chemical bombs, and fuzing high-explosive bombs to support the fight.
The 802d CCAO (M&H) and 890th CCAO (M&H) were
The 812th CCAO (M&H) and 875th CCAO (M&H) were with the 315th BW, Northwest Field, Guam.
The 805th CCAO (M&H) and 827th CCAO (M&H) were
The 813th CCAO (M&H) and 891st CCAO (M&H) supported the 313th BW, North Field, Tinian.
The 870th CCAO (M&H) and 887th CCAO (M&H) supported the 73d BW, Isley Field, Saipan.