CCAPSCounseling Center Assessment of Psychological Symptoms (various locations)
CCAPSCredit Card Application Processing System
CCAPSCommission for Counseling and Psychological Services
CCAPSClosed Cycle Advanced Propulsion System
CCAPSCommunity, Contract and Aboriginal Police Services (est. 1990; Canada)
CCAPSCentre for Canadian Academic & Professional Services
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Phil Burkholder, Chief Operating Officer, Rolls-Royce North American Technologies Inc, and CCAPS Board member, said: "CCAPS represents the future of collaboration between industry and academia.
CCAPS will be governed by a Board of Directors composed of research and technology leaders from all partners.
By integrating CCAPS research on climate change, along with existing datasets such as topographic maps, imagery, and thematic information on conflicts, the CCAPS mapping tool aims to provide the most comprehensive view possible of climate change and security in Africa.