CCASGCooperation Council of the Arab States of the Gulf
CCASGClear Cell Adenocarcinoma of Salivary Glands (pathology)
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Indeed, defense cooperation between France and the CCASG states is not homogeneous but varies in accordance with political, economic, and commercial relations.
Even though France has become one of the leading partners in the CCASG states, it has not succeeded by imposing an exclusive relationship on its contracting partners.
France should reinforce its influence here by maintaining an awareness of the Gulf's geopolitics and the leverage that the CCASG states can exert on events playing out in the rest of the Arab world.
It is most likely that CCASG do not share the same characteristics as those of the Kuwaiti people.
During the meeting, they entrusted the CCASG to prepare a proposal at its next meeting on the structure and functions of the Ministerial Committees and they listened to proposals from GCC countries.