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CCBCCooperative Children's Book Center (University of Wisconsin-Madison)
CCBCCommunity College of Baltimore County (Maryland)
CCBCCommunity College of Beaver County (Monaca, Pennsylvania)
CCBCCanada China Business Council
CCBCCaerphilly County Borough Council (Wales, UK)
CCBCConwy County Borough Council (Wales, UK)
CCBCCanadian College of Business & Computers
CCBCChina Construction Bank Corporation
CCBCCentral California Blood Center (Fresno, CA)
CCBCCommunauté de Communes du Bas-Chablais (French: Community of Communes of Bas-Chablais; Haute-Savoie, France)
CCBCChevy Chase Baptist Church (Chevy Chase, MD)
CCBCCanadian Centre for Business in the Community
CCBCCalvary Charismatic Baptist Church (UK)
CCBCCode Civil du Bas-Canada (French: Civil Code of Lower Canada; Canada)
CCBCCommunauté de Communes de la Brie Champenoise (French: Community of Communes of the Brie Champenoise; Marne, France)
CCBCConsumer Credit and Budget Counseling (Marmora, New Jersey)
CCBCCrooked Creek Banquet Center (Saginaw, Michigan)
CCBCCaloundra Contract Bridge Club Inc. (Australia)
CCBCChinese Catholic Bishops College
CCBCCommunauté de Communes du Bocage Champenois (French: Community of Communes of Bocage Champenois; Marne, France)
CCBCCommunauté de Communes de Braconne & Charente (French: Community of Communes of Braconne & Charente; Braconne & Charente, France)
CCBCChicago Chinese Bridge Club
CCBCCoastal Contract Bridge Club
CCBCColonie Centennial Brass Choir
CCBCCross Country British Columbia (Canada)
CCBCCity of Canada Bay Council (Australia)
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This integration allows for quicker upload of volume claims in comparison to the previous CCBC data extract service.
Danielle Truszkowski, a CCBC instructor and AMP director, says that the program has had a great impact on students.
His parents were encouraging him to become an engineer, but after visiting an air show at the Beaver County Airport, he learned he could become a pilot at CCBC.
I identified students' educational history and racial background using CCBC software.
When it was later disclosed that Domino Pizza had applied for planning to open one here a petition was raised against the proposal, with hundreds of signatures and presented to planning at CCBC.
the co-executive director, CMO, and C10 of Tulane Community Health Centers (TCHC), the constellation of federally qualified health centers that is the core physician organization collaborating with the LPH1/ CCBC on its community-wide patient-centered care initiative.
It is believed that China will command an expanding share of Taiwan's CCBCs as the financial exchanges between the two sided are increasing rapidly, particularly when the banks of both sides have actively exchanged branch offices.
And the CCBC fears the move could be a way to introduce closures by the back door - once banks are open for fewer hours they become less popular and are easier to axe.
Since that time, CCBC has continued to respond to other plant training needs and to provide personal development courses to employees, many more of whom take advantage of their union-negotiated tuition assistance benefits than had previously.
We sincerely hope that the Task and Finish Group set up by CCBC at last Thursday's meeting will consider supporting the case for opening up at least part of the Prom to cycling - perhaps on a trial basis, so our children and elderly folk can cycle in safety around this beautiful town.
The "Made in China - How To Get It Right" seminar was one of three held by the CCBC this week in the UK, with others in Leeds and Sunderland.
CCBC is a two-year Bible college with a goal of "to know God & equip His servants.