CCBECouncil of the Bars and Law Societies of the European Union
CCBECalifornia County Boards of Education
CCBECentral Canada Broadcast Engineers
CCBEClarkson Centre for Business Ethics (Rotman School of Management; Canada)
CCBECalifornia Committee of Bar Examiners (California State Bar)
CCBECobb County Board of Education (Georgia)
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The CCBE considers that the language rules do not offer the necessary guarantees in terms of rights of the defence and regrets that the future rules of procedure are still in a draft stage, particularly because it will be very difficult to amend the intergovernmental agreement on the court system once it is in place.
The ECLA suggested a test with an even broader application than the test formulated by the CCBE, so as to include regulated legal professionals whose advice was accorded LPP under the law of the Member State where such professionals were established.
According to the data provided by CCBE in 2008 in the European Union, in general, 874 237 lawyers were members of the national bars.
83) In 1960, the CCBE was formed "to study, consult, and make representation upon the problems and opportunities for the legal profession arising from the Treaty of Rome.
The CCBE Code provides that lawyers must avoid conflicts between their personal interests and their clients' interests (art 2.
Facil es comprobarlo con el listado provisional que entrega el CCBE de las obras aparecidas en 1807.
85) For instance, some suggest using the CCBE Code of Conduct in the European Community as a common code of conduct for legal professionals in order to create an international professional responsibility code.
She said: 'The CCBE is the recognised representative of the legal profession in the European Union.
Contribution from the CCBE for the Intergovernmental Conference, CONFER/VAR 3966 (May 18,2000) [hereinafter Contribution from the CCBE].
Technically, PEP is a contract agency of the Cuyahoga County, Ohio, Community Mental Health Board, operated under the auspices of the Cuyahoga County Board of Education (CCBE), making PEP a mental health agency with personnel employed by the CCBE (an amalgam of two systems).
For the text of the CCBE Code, as well as an exhaustive analysis of its provisions, see Laurel S.