CCBRCentral California BMW (Bayerische Motoren Werke) Riders (Pleasant Hill, CA)
CCBRCenter for Clinical and Basic Research (Denmark)
CCBRCanadian Conference on Broadband Research
CCBRChamela-Cuixmala Biosphere Reserve (Mexico)
CCBRCook County Board of Review (Illinois)
CCBRConfiguration Control Board Request
CCBRCelibate Cuddle-Buddy Roomie
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Interns are trained to "take leadership positions throughout Canada," said CCBR communications director Jonathon Van Maren.
This article has made use of the Press Release CCBR issued on March 25, 2010.
The CCBR would select the arguments to be published from those submitted, and would have final responsibility for the text of the published arguments.
The decision is significant, and shows that antichoice groups like the CCBR are wrong to wield their right to free speech like a bludgeon against the public.
It is important to note that: the new CCBR will apply to all cribs, cradles and bassinets that are manufactured, sold, advertised or imported into Canada; and once in force, the Regulations will also apply to all cribs, cradles and bassinets that are given away or sold second-hand.
The company's Copenhagen-based CCBR unit recruits patients and conducts and manages clinical trials.
CCBR, an internationally recognized leader in both clinical and basic osteoporosis research, will isolate genetic materials from normal and diseased bone cells and tissues for analysis using Gene Logic's proprietary, functional genomics technologies.
In July 1995, we entered an agreement with Osteometer and CCBR whereby Osteometer has agreed to finance and CCBR will carry out clinicals using Cortecs' oral calcitonin formulation.
Under the agreement, Osteometer and CCBR will, in return for a royalty on sales, organize and execute at their own cost the clinical test of oral insulin to generate the clinical data required for registration applications in Europe.
Osteometer and CCBR, using their special knowledge of Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT), particularly in osteoporosis and also in endocrinology, will execute the biological and human studies needed to demonstrate the safety aspects and efficacy required to achieve registration.
Osteometer will finance and CCBR will carry out the further clinical trials necessary to satisfy European regulatory requirements for the registration and commercialization of Cortecs' oral calcitonin formulation.
This agreement with CCBR and Osteometer enables the company to bring world-leading clinical expertise into the program, as well as funding expensive clinical trials.