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CCBTComputerised Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence; UK)
CCBTCenter for Church Based Training (Richardson, TX)
CCBTComprehensive Cognitive Behavioral Therapy
CCBTCape Cod Bank and Trust (Hyannis, MA)
CCBTCollin County Ballet Theatre (est. 2001; Plano, TX)
CCBTCentre for the Commercialization of Biomedical Technologies (National Research Council Canada)
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Pearce concludes her text with a summary chapter and recommendations for preventing relapse such as finding ways for clients to practice their CCBT tools, developing hope, and engaging local support.
The transition of the CCBT division to First Citizens Bank follows completion of a technical conversion that puts both banks on the same system.
As a branded supplier of Coca Cola products, CCBT is required to comply with The Coca Cola Company s sustainability requirements.
CCBT programs are cost-effective, convenient, interactive, and accessible to youth who may not be willing or able to engage in face-to-face counseling.
Wilkinson, EdD, PhD, CCBT, NCSP, a faculty member with Capella's Harold Abel School of Social and Behavioral Sciences.
FearFighter, which was created by Birmingham-based CCBT, uses cognitive behaviour therapy to tackle disorders and dramatically reduces the amount of time spent by patients with therapists saving millions each year in treatment costs.
CCBT, a firm that helps treat people with depression and obsessive compulsive disorders.
5% in 2004, the majority of which was associated with the acquisitions of CCBT Financial Companies and Foxborough Savings Bank.
E-Medix, a designer and manufacturer of surgical instruments is one of three companies nominated for Export while CCBT, creator of a cognitive behaviour therapy software package for patients suffering from depression and phobias, is recognised for its work in partnership with the NHS.
8 billion was due to the acquisitions of CCBT Financial Companies, Inc.