CCCCCCCobra Caro, Cuida Culo, Cariños Carlos (Santiago, Chile)
CCCCCCCorpus Christi College, Cambridge, Cricket Club
CCCCCCCowley County Community College Cross Country
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Total number of objects presented in a trial varied from 4-6 for both training and test trials (only six-stimulus-condition presented in this table) Training Test stimulus stimulus (Three trials (20 trials per session) per session) Training AAAAAA phase 1 (Correction method: no limit on repetitions) Training AAAAAA phase 2 (Correction method: limited to 2 repetitions) Training AAAAAA phase 3 (Correction method: limited to 1 repetition) Training AAAAAA (Non- phase 4 correction method) Training AAAAAA phase 5 BBBBBB CCCCCC Test AAAAAA DDDDDD (Non-difFerential- phase 1 BBBBBB reinforcement test: reinforced CCCCCC 2nd, 3rd, & 4th stimuli.