CCCCOCalifornia Community Colleges - Chancellor's Office
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Two years after that first law passed, two more regulations, approved by the CCCCO rather than a new state statute, enlarged the original language of the law.
This year, for example, the CCCCO released a new statewide strategic plan for the whole system as well as twenty-two recommendations for improvements that, if followed, could do a great deal of good.
In addition to her work at the CCCCO, Catherine has been dedicated to supporting CENIC and CalREN in multiple ways.
This chapter provides information on the California Community Colleges Chancellor's Office Statewide Advisory Committee for Career Development; how to strengthen and promote career development in California's colleges; future materials from CCCCO Statewide Advisory Committee for Career Development; and where career coordinators and counselors in community colleges can find policy, program, and funding resources.