CCCICampus Crusade for Christ International
CCCIConseil Canadien pour La Coopération Internationale (French: Canadian Council for International Cooperation)
CCCICebu Chamber of Commerce and Industry (Philippines)
CCCICentral Criminal Court of Iraq
CCCICrossroads Christian Communications Inc.
CCCICorrelation-Consistent Configuration Interaction
CCCICarleton Centre for Community Innovation (Carleton University, Ottawa, Canada)
CCCICommand-Control Communications Intelligence
CCCICORBA Conversion Concepts for Intelligence
CCCICross Cultural Communications Institute
CCCICybernet Currency Clearing, Inc.
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The CCCI has been organizing the fair since 1993 and it got a wide range of publicity by the Bangladesh missions abroad, foreign missions in Bangladesh and different trade bodies and trade-based websites.
Under this contract, CACI will provide CCCI with planning support as well as cultural and linguistic expertise to assess information that supports senior leader decision-making.
Isso significa que se qualquer outro instrumento que nao o CCCI fosse validado nao se poderia oferecer a escala validada sem onus financeiro para os eventuais usuarios.
As the cases are adjusted, the status codes will be updated within the CCCI to reflect the corrections.
Hawkes explained that mail continues to be critical for CCCI, even to spark an online donation.
The lack of a schedule is a telling detail of the Central Criminal Court of Iraq, or CCCI, where Hussein's case will be heard.
Furthermore, it addresses the limitations of the CCCI and provides a general overview of Task Force 134 (TF 134), the joint task force charged with bringing these individuals to justice.
I was quite happy to go through the CCCI, as I knew in Iraq they would get the death sentence instead of in this country, where they get 15 years in prison and then are set free.
You don't need the CCCI to ensure that those responsible for our son's death are brought to justice.
He added, 'If these cases are to be pursued through the CCCI then it is important that the concluding phases of the investigations are conducted under the court's direction to ensure compliance with the rules and procedure of the court.