CCCOEContra Costa County Office of Education
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By delivering this knowledge through a certification program at CCCOES institutions throughout the state, we are providing valuable business and technical career skills that mean more opportunities for Coloradans to benefit from the Internet economy, which is finding its core in our state.
The unique 16- to 18-credit certificate program consists of five three-week classes, a one-credit seminar in business or technology, and an optional internship and independent study, all designed to provide qualifying CCCOES students with an in-depth understanding of the growing role of e-commerce in today's economy.
Global Commerce Systems' Learning Services division is donating the curriculum and training CCCOES instructors in state-of-the-art classrooms at the Company's new headquarters in Broomfield, CO.
During the first quarter of 1995, CCCOES and JEN expect to finalize details for the AA degree and the joint production facility.