CCCSACalgary Chinese Community Service Association (Canada)
CCCSAConsumer Credit Counseling Service of Alabama
CCCSAColorado Cross Country Ski Association
CCCSACitroën Car Club of South Africa
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According to the 2004-2005 CCCSA Annual Report, 90% of the organization's programs and services were delivered with the help of volunteers in 2005, totaling 12,123 hours (CCCSA 2005).
Can thus ECCSC and CCCSA still be counted as being ethno-specific organizations?
In a five-year Strategic Plan, CCCSA identified this as among its service priorities for 2006-2010: "use of simplified Chinese in our service pamphlets instead of only traditional Chinese; Mandarin classes for staff; where possible, recruit staff that represents the diverse needs of the community" (CCCSA 2006, 18).
Jim Wong, Co-Chair of CCCSA in 2005, commented on the expectations of immigrants from China, where the state plays a larger role in taking care of its citizens: "A lot of them come over expecting the government to give them a house or a place to stay, expecting they will have a job here.
An analysis of the funding difficulties experienced by both ECCSC and CCCSA demonstrates how the above view has influenced the policies and attitudes of funding bodies toward ethno-specific organizations.
The history of ASSIST and CCCSA has demonstrated that ethno-cultural organizations can be an effective alternative in providing accessible and equitable social services for immigrants because they are more closely connected with and responsive to ethnic community needs.