CCCUCouncil for Christian Colleges and Universities (formerly Coalition for Christian Colleges and Universities)
CCCUCaribbean Confederation of Credit Unions
CCCUCommunity College of City University (Hong Kong)
CCCUCoalition for Christian Colleges and Universities (now Council for Christian Colleges and Universities)
CCCUCoast Central Credit Union (California, USA)
CCCUChurches of Christ in Christian Union (Circleville, Ohio)
CCCUCapital Community Credit Union
CCCUCrew Communication Control Unit (aviation)
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Union University in Tennessee dropped out of the CCCU in early August, with its president expressing frustration that the CCCU had not yet acted.
Kershaw joined CCCU in 2005, leading project teams in developing new commercial lending initiatives, until becoming chief commercial officer in 2014.
The purpose of this study was to investigate changes in college student marketing at CCCU member institutions via current enrollment management strategies compared to those used at least occasionally in 1997.
Tweedell points to an increasing need to be responsive to students' needs and to ensure that student satisfaction translates into bottom line performance for CCCU schools.
The CCCU is responsible for on-site inspections and audits, verification of imports/exports, and for developing leads for criminal prosecution purposes.
This research was made possible by an Initiative Grant from the CCCU Program of Networking Grants.
I fear, however, that it is often assumed within anthropological circles of the CCCU that the numbers are very small.
Of greater interest but in contrast to the previously mentioned New York Times article (Eckholm, 2011) was the finding that the majority of surveyed CCCU students did not perceive the negative climate at these Christian institutions to be strongly associated with administrators, faculty, or staff.
The Napthine Government's commitment to law-abiding, safe and productive construction industry work sites is in stark contrast to Daniel Andrews' and Labor's intention to abolish the guidelines and the CCCU if they are elected to government," Mr Clark said.
In order to be part of the CCCU, the participants had signed a statement of faith, which identified them as ascribing to a conservative Christian belief system.